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iTAC Software AG, an independent company of the mechanical and plant engineering group Dürr, provides Internet-enabled information and communication technologies for the manufacturing industry. Founded in 1998, the company is one of the leading MES providers in Germany.

The iTAC.MES.Suite is a cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System that is used worldwide by companies in different industry sectors such as automotive manufacturers and suppliers, electronics/EMS/TC, pharma and medical technology, metal processing and energy. Additional services and solutions enable the implementation of Industry 4.0 and IIoT requirements. ITAC’s philosophy is connecting people, data and systems.

iTAC Software AG has its headquarters in Montabaur (Germany) as well as branches in the USA and China, as well as a global partner network for sales and services.

News archive

  • iTAC launches the new release of the iTAC.MES.Suite 9.50.

Increased flexibility in networked production with the new generation of iTAC.MES.Suite

New features for Analytics and Quality Management, industry-specific applications and even more individuality in development

Montabaur, 15 September 2020 – iTAC Software AG presents the new release of its Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The iTAC.MES.Suite 9.50 supports transparent and automated manufacturing. The next generation is all about flexibility and individuality. For example, users can implement or co-develop industry-specific solutions. In addition, iTAC has expanded the functions for analytics and quality management.

A core element available with the new release of the iTAC.MES.Suite is the first version of the iTAC.Workbench including a docker mechanism. The iTAC.Workbench is a browser-based framework for the integration and development of HTML5-compliant applications as plug-in components. The new framework is designed to consolidate the multitude of iTAC and customer-specific applications in a user interface with standard functions. This way, iTAC is increasingly focusing on platform independence, flexibility, mobile capability, usability and simple distribution. With the new local Docker-based development environment for workbench plug-ins, iTAC further simplifies the processes and scope of action for specific applications. Both iTAC as an operator and the customers themselves can develop specific plug-ins and easily integrate them into the iTAC.Workbench.

The user benefits from device- and operating system independence and there is no installation required. The system can basically be accessed from any device.

New Workbench: HMI Use Cases integrated
Machines that cannot communicate directly with the iTAC.MES.Suite or manual work steps are connected using an HMI client. This allows data to be manually entered and logged into the MES. Through the integration of the client into the iTAC.Workbench, an additional application is integrated into the new user interface, resulting in an optimized user experience. The HMI client supports numerous standardized use cases and can be individually extended with additional, customer-specific use cases.

New QM module is now integrated in Workbench
The Quality Management module of the iTAC.MES.Suite has been revised with regards to new, simpler analysis and reporting options for all product-related quality data. The module is now fully integrated into the Workbench and thus offers a uniform, user-friendly graphic interface. The HMTL5-based user interface has been optimized in favor of the user experience. In addition, third-party systems also have unrestricted access to client APIs and standardized database interfaces to make QM data available to external applications.

With the QM module, customers can easily detect and analyze errors and problems in production via the iTAC.MES.Suite. The iTAC solution provides all information relevant to quality assurance, error analysis and quality improvement. The reports, which are fully integrated into the iTAC.MES.Suite, offer a high degree of user-friendliness.

By supporting the continuous improvement process with a valid database, manufacturing companies can increase their quality rates and OEE. Among other things, proof of product quality and process capability can be provided, which is relevant for suppliers, for example. 

Streaming analytics for structured process data
Streaming Analytics is now available to detect anomalies and predict the occurrence of known error patterns. The analysis can range from the creation of single rules to the integration of complex algorithms. This enables the continuous collection, analysis and evaluation of structured process data from the MES, unstructured IIoT data from sensors and direct operator input via user interfaces or clients.
Streaming Analytics enables the intelligent and compact visualization of sensor values, warnings and process status on an easy-to-use dashboard - for a quick solution in the event of errors. A low-code based model builder is available for operationalizing streaming data and model management for configuration. The scalable solution can be installed on an Edge device (e.g. iTAC.IIoT.Edge).

Support of injection molding machines
For the handling of injection molding machines a Euromap 63 interface for data input and visualization as well as display of documents was realized. To exchange DNC files (machine programs) with an injection molding machine, the data interface (E63) works with the messaging service. The DNC files are stored centralized in the MDA system of the iTAC system. This provides better support for injection molding machines. With the new release, additional use cases have been integrated into the workbench, the user interface has been expanded and it is possible to connect additional machine manufacturers. In this way, a consistent user concept is being implemented.

CFX interface as basis for Industry 4.0 applications
"iTAC supports the new standard for the electronics industry. The next few years will show whether this new standard will be adopted by all machine manufacturers for this industry," said Peter Bollinger, CEO of iTAC Software AG.