iTAC and KIC develop solution for complete process control and traceability in reflow ovens

Smart reflow process data integrated in iTAC.MES.Suite

Montabaur, February 11, 2019 – MES specialist iTAC Software and smart reflow oven provider KIC have announced a technology partnership. The integration of KIC’s Reflow Process Inspection (RPI) data analytics into the iTAC.MES.Suite ensures complete process control and traceability of the thermal process in the oven, previously referred to as the “black box” in the production line.

KIC develops technologies to make reflow ovens smarter through thermal profiling automation and optimization solutions. The partnership between iTAC and KIC creates new customer value, not only in the reflow process, but also along the entire production line, by providing process transparency, consistent quality and reduced costs through connectivity and automation. Connection to KIC’s RPI data analytics allows iTAC to provide real-time insights into the reflow process that help factories to enhance the efficiency of their production operations with shorter setup and changeover times, faster troubleshooting, and a reduction in scrap and reworking.

KIC’s Global Products and Technologies Manager, Miles Moreau, commented, “Moving towards smart factory manufacturing it is important to ensure that no area is left out, which has been the case for reflow in the past. Now, the highest level of equipment utilization, product quality, and profitability can be reached with the partnership between iTAC and KIC, leveraging the best in iTAC MES solutions with KIC’s smart oven technologies.”

“The new collaboration underlines the partnership capability of our iTAC.MES.Suite and is yet another milestone in the expansion of our international partner network,” said Peter Bollinger, CEO of iTAC Software AG.