iTAC Software AG exhibits Industry 4.0 solutions for electronics assembly at SMTA International

MES manufacturer presents technology for the implementation of the Industrial Internet of Things at the international exhibition in Rosemont

Montabaur, September 6, 2016 – iTAC Software AG’s stand 327 at SMTA International in Rosemont/ USA from 27-28 August will be focused on networked production and integrated Industry 4.0 solutions that support manufacturing enterprises in the end-to-end digitization and networking of their machines and equipment. The iTAC manufacturing execution system (MES) makes a key contribution because not only is it capable of collecting and displaying data, it can also analyze it and intervene in processes.

SMTA International is one of the world’s most important conferences and exhibitions for the electronics assembly industry. The conference focuses on practical aspects featuring experts from industry and academia with years of experience on real products and processes. Entrepreneurs, as well as industry and research experts visit the event to share know-how and best practices. 

iTAC Software AG, which recently opened a new US headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, will be presenting its latest iTAC.MES.Suite developments at SMTA International. The manufacturing execution system is one of the core technologies in the Industry 4.0-compliant smart factory, connecting the digital world with production environments. 

MES with APS and BI for electronics assembly
iTAC will also be presenting its cloud-capable MES and the iTAC.App.Server at SMTA International. This Java EE7-compliant application server ensures the high availability and operating reliability of the total solution.

The cloud-based MES with integrated APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) can also be used for the detailed planning and scheduling of production in accordance with available resources and capacity. This simulation-based module generates optimized production schedules, taking into account key production priorities such as on-time delivery and labor cost, and displays options for the planner to select from in a simple, Gantt chart-based display.

iTAC will be providing SMTA International visitors with information about another integral component of the MES, the iTAC.BI.Portal, a business intelligence solution for big data applications based on iTAC.ARTES.Middleware. This BI technology helps manufacturers to quickly generate big-data reports on without any negative impact to the performance of the MES. Decision-related information is amalgamated, administered and securely made available for manufacturing intelligence, quality control and traceability purposes. 

“SMTA visitors will get practical insights into the numerous functions of the iTAC.MES.Suite, as well as big data and digital value creation. These are Industry 4.0-enabling solutions that will help enterprises to achieve the transformation to smart factory“, explained Peter Bollinger, CEO OF iTAC Software AG.