iTAC: Smart devices tap the potential of industry 4.0

iTAC Software AG takes a stand as integral provider of IoT solutions within the MES environment

Montabaur, 21 August 2014 – iTAC Software AG expands its product range by Thus the specialist for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) presents practical plug & play components for the real depiction of industry 4.0 scenarios. The new developed products are the iTAC.Smart.MESDevice and the iTAC.Smart.ReceivingDevice. With that iTAC takes a stand as provider of IoT solutions for the Smart Factory.

For the first time iTAC combines its MES with web-capable Embedded Systems (ES). So the new iTAC.Smart.MESDevice helps to integrate manual processes as well as full automatic manufacturing processes fast and optimized. Via plug & play the product enables the integration of devices, which are close to the system, such as barcode reader, RFID scanner and transport systems. Furthermore, processes can be bolted online. The local iTAC.Smart.MESDevices are placed all over the factory. With the interface standard for software, OPC UA (Unified Architecture), as basic interface for industry 4.0 they can communicate with each other. “With industry-suitable web-capable Embeddes Systems we will bring the Internet of Things into the Smart Factory of the future”, explains Volker Burch, Vice President Advanced Technology Division of iTAC Software AG.

The iTAC.Smart.ReceivingDevice is a consolidated solution for the incoming goods department which can clearly identify any materials. The product has been developed for the exact labeling of material bunches so that material charges can be captured and traced completely. The manufacturer’s information about the materials can be captured automatically within the fraction of a second through a reading process of the corresponding manufacturer or rather of the supplier-specific material label. The manual entry of the manufacturer’s data while receiving goods – which has been the first step of a logistic process chain and the basis for constant material logistics, quality assurance and traceability – has been laborious up to now and will now be considerable easier.

“With our we will simplify the integration of processes, which are close to the production and systems, and companies will be opened the door to the Internet of Things and Services”, summarizes Andreas Zerfas, Director Product Management of iTAC Software AG.