iTAC presented IoT and MES innovations at the “SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017”

Industry 4.0 compatible solutions for the electronics industry

Montabaur, 31 May 2017 – iTAC Software AG is linking the digital world with electronics manufacturing. iTAC’s smart MES and IoT technologies developed for this were shown at the “SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017” in Nuremberg where visitors were given live demostrations of the Industry 4.0 solutions. iTAC also presented the new iTAC.IoT.Plattform, a mobile HMI application with integral voice control and virtual reality applications for factory planning processes.

The recently launched iTAC.IoT.Plattform is an I4.0 platform providing intelligent solutions for networking and automating manufacturing processes including the use of Cloud, Analytics, Big Data and Microservices. It is also equipped with the new iTAC.SmartDataAnalytics.Service from the successful iTAC.MES.Suite. These new analytics services enable definition of predictive maintenance application scenarios. 

In addition, iTAC presented many new functional innovations, such as voice control within a mobile production-related MES application. Together with its subsidiary, DUALIS GmbH IT Solution, iTAC demonstrated solutions for optimized job order and detailed planning as well as virtual reality applications for strategic planning or for virtual commissioning of production plants. 

Martin Heinz, General Manager of the German speaking areas of iTAC Software AG explained: “We are providing manufacturing companies with access to MES, APS, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Data Analytics, Advanced Intelligence etc. These companies can choose the functionalities to suit their individual applications. This allows small and medium-sized manufacturers to conform to Industry 4.0 without needing their own IT infrastructure.“