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Education & Training

Practice makes perfect – only trained and qualified employees are able to convert the introduction of a MOM to a successful project.

By using our MOM solution, the greatest possible increase in efficiency and productivity is to be achieved. The success of your project is ensured in particular by well-trained, qualified employees. To this purpose, we offer a wide range of training topics.

After our training courses were held exclusively online in the past years to protect our employees and customers, we are now offering on-site training again. Under certain circumstances, online training is a suitable alternative, but training in the classroom guarantees maximum learning and development opportunities and strengthens personal relationships with each other. We therefore look forward to welcoming you back to our headquarters in Montabaur. We also continue to offer online training upon request. Please contact us for this after your booking.

Target group

All trainings are based on the modular system and consist of different qualification levels. The complexity enables newcomers as well as advanced learners to qualify themselves. iTAC’s training and coaching program has been developed for:

  • Users
  • Key Users
  • Administrators

Training models

From basic trainings to product and operational trainings, participants and interested people can choose between the following models:

  • Company and group trainings
  • Individually customized trainings
  • Advanced trainings
  • Single trainings 

After successful completion of each training module, each participant receives a certificate of participation. Such a certificate is also necessary to attend the next training module.

Training location

The training sessions can be held in our modern facilities at our headquarter in Montabaur or directly at your site.

Terms of Participation & Fees

  • Minimum number of participants: 3
  • Maxmimum number of participants: 8
  • Attendance fee is €680 per attendee/day (net, plus VAT)
  • The price includes workshop material, beverages at the course and lunchtime snacks
  • Required equipment is provided by the organizer


To register for one of our trainings in our headquarter or on your site, please send an email to our Training Center which contains the training course that you'd like to participate in as well as well as your contact information, so we can get back to you. 

The registration deadline is 2 weeks before the beginning of the workshop. The number of participants is limited. Participants will be accepted on a "first come, first serve" basis.

To register for one of our online trainings, use our online form or contact our training department via mail

Withdrawal & Cancellation

If the registered person is prevented from participating, a replacement participant can be nominated.

Cancellation of participation is free of charge if notified in writing up to one week prior to the beginning of the workshop. The complete attendance fee shall be payable after expiry of this one-week deadline or if the participant fails to show.

If the organizer cancels the workshop, you will receive notification. The paid attendance fee will be reimbursed. Further claims against the organizer cannot be asserted.

The organizer reserves the right to change the training personnel at short notice. The training course will only take place if the minimum number of participants (3 persons) are registered to attend.

Training Courses


  • Architecture
  • Interfaces
  • Basic functionalities
  • Understanding the software
  • Basic terms

Requirements: none 

Duration: 1 day

Price: 680 € per participant

Course ID: PREP

Content: In the Delta training, you will learn about the new functions of the iTAC.MOM.Suite after a new release version so that you can seamlessly transition to the latest version. 

Requirements: none

Duration: individually depending on the respective release version

Price: 680 € per participant

Course ID: DELTAxx


Basic Training

  • General operation
  • User administration
  • Configuration
  • Customizing
  • Master data
  • Work plan
  • BOM / Process plan
  • Work order
  • Production means
  • Attributes
  • ID model
  • Failure types and groups
  • Store management
  • Insights into the client applications HMI + Repair + Shipping

Traceability Training

  • Unit information (SNR-Traceability)
  • MIS - Material (Material traceability)
  • MIS evaluation
  • MIS - Machine data
  • MIS - Work orders
  • Mounting
  • Packaging information
  • TR lock
  • Basics of API communication

Requirements: none

Duration: 4 days 

Price: 2.720 € per participant

Course ID: KeyUser


  • Architecture
  • Terms
  • Installation (Information)
  • Licensing
  • Administration (iTAC.AppServer, iTAC ARTES Management Center)
  • Updates
  • Customer-specific extensions
  • Monitoring
  • iTAC ARTES Management Center
  • JAVA Tools
  • Logging
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Error detection, search and correction
  • Administration 
  • Config-Framework

Requirements: KeyUser Training

Duration: 1 day

Price: 680 € per participant

Course ID: FLS


  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Manufacturing Analytics and the Digitization Roadmap
  • Applying the CRISP-DM Methodology
  • Understanding the Business Requirements
  • Data Understanding
  • Data Preparation
  • Modelling (Theory)
  • Evaluation and Deployment

Requirements: none 

Duration: 4 days

Price: 2.720 € per participant 

Course ID: DataAnalytics


  • Architecture overview
  • Platform overview
  • Database and data access
  • Interfaces
  • Data Structure
  • REST API & documentation
  • Apama Analytics Builder integration
  • Microservices

Requirements: none 

Duration: 2 days

Price: 1.360 € per participant

Course ID: Asset.Analyzer

Content: Learn how to manually enter and post data to the MOM with iTAC.Workbench HMI training. 

Requirements: Prep or KeyUser Training

Duration: 1 day

Price: 680 € per participant


Content: The iTAC.Workbench Quality Management training introduces you to the analysis and reporting functions for all product-relevant quality data. The service supports, among other things, various types of analysis such as resource analysis, product analysis and defect and defect type analysis.

Requirements: Prep or KeyUser Training

Duration: 1 day

Price: 680 € per participant


Content: With the iTAC.Workbench Maintenance Manager training you will learn how to list and define all planned maintenance tasks in production. It is possible to keep a record of each component to be maintained, view maintenance dates or create a maintenance history. 

Requirements: Prep or KeyUser Training

Duration: 1 day

Price: 680 € per participant



  • General terms and definitions
  • BDE staff times
  • BDE machine data
  • Machine data acquisition
  • Line overview
  • Analysis/Capture
  • Logbook
  • Evaluations
  • Manufacturing information
  • Order
  • Production status
  • Reporting

Requirements: Prep or KeyUser Training

Price: 680 € per participant

Course ID: PM

The key lies in practice - mastering technology, means applying it in practice. This approach is also pursued for our MOM solution. 

Our hands-on design training courses enable you to independently map manufacturing processes in the iTAC.MOM.Suite. This enables you to apply the skills you have learned immediately to your installation of the iTAC.MOM.Suite. 

For this purpose, we focus on an innovative approach to teaching the seminar content by independently mapping the manufacturing processes of an every-day product in the iTAC.MOM.Suite.  An introductory session by the trainer will provide details and explanations of the available tools and practical tasks. During the training course, participants can ask a predefined number of questions to solve the tasks or benefit from the questions of other training participants. 

Our independent, practically designed Design Training courses guarantee you the greatest possible success in learning.

The Basic Design Training gives participants the task of simulating the production of shelves and mapping the production orders created here in the iTAC.MOM.Suite. 

The course complements the KeyUser Training, so that after the trainings the participant is enabled to apply and implement basic operating elements and control concepts in practice. 


  • Create machine park (Customizing)
  • Maintain master data
  • Generate orders
  • Creating and assigning serial numbers
  • Logging serial numbers (status postings / error data)
  • Assemble product stages 
  • Creating and assigning attributes

Requirements: Key User Training

Duration: 2 days 

Price: 1.360 € per participant

Course ID: DESIGN-Basic

In the Advanced Design Training, participants are given the task of simulating an electronic/SMT production and implementing the production orders created here in the iTAC.MOM.Suite. 


  • Creating a machine park
  • Create master data
  • Create material containers
  • Create production orders
  • Simulate production on the line
    • Activate work order on the line
    • Retrieve production data via IMSAPI  
    • Set up material on machine
    • Post serial numbers
    • Post measurement data
    • Ensure process interlock
  • Check production data in TR module and PM module
  • Integration and activation of user-defined functions (custom functions)

Requirements: Key User & Basic Design Training

Duration: 3 days 

Price: 2.040 € per participant

Course ID: Design-Advanced


  • BI.Service 
    • General overview
    • Architecture
    • BI tool Qlik Sense
  • Data Analytics
    • General data analytics app concept
    • How to use Qlik Sense analytics apps
  • Application development
    • Data manager
    • Data model
    • Layout
    • Bookmarks
  • Application management
    • Publishing
    • Updating

Requirements: Prep or KeyUser Training

Duration: 1 day

Price: 680 € per participant

Course ID: BI.Service-Prep


  • BI Process  
    • In-depth Overview
  • Advanced App developement
    • Loadscript
    • Data Connections
  • Advanced layout developement
    • Visualisations
    • Dimensionen
    • Measures
    • Set Analysis
  • Bookmarks
    • Create and use bookmarks
  • Storytelling
    • Create presentations
    • Export data
  • BI adapter
  • Qlik system management
    • User management
    • App management
    • Automation of data import

Requirements: BI.Service Preparation

Duration: 2 days 

Price: 1.360 € per participant 

Course ID: BI.Service Advanced


  • OPC UA Service
    • OPC UA Service Architecture
    • OPC-UA Service Remote Administration
  • OPC UA Studio
    • OPC-UA Studio: Overview
    • OPC-UA Service: Configuration

Requirements: Prep or KeyUser Training

Duration: 1 day

Price: 680 € per participant

Course ID: OPCUA Service

We will gladly offer you individually planned, customer-specific training for specific add-ons and modules of the iTAC.MOM.Suite on request. 

Please contact our Educational Services Team by phone or e-mail for further information and together we will plan your individual training.