Plug & produce: iTAC has put Industry 4.0 suitable embedded system on the market

Autonomous IT infrastructure for Industry 4.0 applications that is unique within the global market

Montabaur, 4 February, 2015 – Plug & produce: This principle of the fourth industrial revolution is followed by the new development of iTAC Software AG. The iTAC.Trace.Server is an embedded system enabling plant-specific Industry 4.0 applications at the push of a button. With it a traceability solution can be quickly integrated and put into operation, independent from the central server environment. Thus, system functionalities, such as the TR and ML service of the iTAC.MES.Suite, can be provided for one defined production line without the necessity to roll out a time-consuming, cross-plant MES. The iTAC.Trace.Server is therefore an ideal Industry 4.0 entry solution, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

In the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, manufacturing companies have to guarantee the greatest possible transparency over their entire value chain and the independent, dynamic adjustment of their manufacturing systems. Plug-in connectors, embedded systems and industry suitable solutions play an important part in this context, especially with regard to high performance and Big Data. Via plug & produce the new iTAC.Trace.Server is able to equip special manufacturing segments with an Industry 4.0 application, such as tracking & tracing.

“Being an optimal entry solution, the iTAC.Trace.Server addresses companies that want to initially realize Industry 4.0 applications within autonomous production plants without the need to integrate them into an IT environment with ERP, PLM etc. This saves resources, costs and time”, explains Dieter Meuser, CTO of iTAC. All information that is collected on an iTAC.Trace.Server can be transferred into a local or cross-plant cloud-based iTAC.MES.Suite infrastructure at a later time. Through this an upgrade to a cross-plant MES including ERP and PLM integration is plainly possible.

Being an embedded system, the iTAC.Trace.Server is quite suitable for SMEs. Due to the plug & produce ability they can integrate a cost-effective and secure traceability solution quickly and without any deep IT expertise. Thus, even smaller enterprises fulfill industry standards of OEMs and stay competitive within the Industry 4.0 age.

The transparent production: active traceability
The iTAC.Trace.Server allows customers to trace back the entire manufacturing process of their products. An active traceability functionality including process interlocking enables a comprehensive control over all production processes. Through this non-conformance costs can be significantly reduced. Since the embedded system controls the material status independently, products can be produced and delivered efficiently and as scheduled. Via web front ends all data are provided in real-time.

Security all along the line
The security aspect that is guaranteed by the iTAC.Trace.Server is also a significant part. Dieter Meuser explains: “It’s about an embedded system that works, due to its monolithic character with an integrated application and database server, independently and with the securest data environment. Altogether our customers benefit from a simple integration of a secure embedded system for Industry 4.0 applications.”

Following an extract of features and benefits: The iTAC.Trace.Server …

  • … controls manufacturing processes extensively
  • … guarantees active traceability including process interlocking.
  • … disposes the “black hole” of the shop floor material control.
  • … records and controls the materials used from the beginning of  production until the finished item.
  • … controls the status of materials.
  • … controls the manufacturing power with regard to optimize processes.
  • … saves manufacturing data in a local database. 
  • … increases the delivery reliability.
  • … reduces the non-conformance costs.
  • … enables compliance conformity (FDA, VW 80131, MBN 10447, GS 95017).
  • … delivers in real-time.
  • … etc.