Metal Casting & Foundry

The metalworking industry is one of Germany's key industries. With the aim of being a strong player in a toughly competitive market and addressing the challenges associated with the age of cyber physical systems, these manufacturing enterprises need to maximize efficiency along the entire supply chain. This high level of transparency is achievable by implementing a smart IT solution like the iTAC.MES.Suite

Market players in both the metal and steel industries face severe challenges nowadays. Raw material shortages result in fluctuating prices, whereas the energy prices are still on the rise. In their endeavors to maintain sustainable and efficient production operations, companies are forced to reduce average throughput times and accommodate flexible to any emerging changes. 

Nowadays, the customer’s requirements become more specific and special, which usually results in a low order quantity. The increasing variation diversity however leads to a poor level of productivity for manufacturing companies. Preparing the material and setting up the machines takes a lot more time with small production batches. 

In order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage, companies in the metal processing industry must be prepared to plan, control and operate across all sites. A high level of efficiency for personnel and machines needs to be maintained to meet the challenges that come with the era of Industry 4.0. Flexibility, sustainability and productivity are just some of the key factors that contribute to a successful business development. 

By utilizing automatization and digitalization in the metal casting process, the industry benefits from major opportunities and advantages. A high level of transparency results in the possibility to optimize processes and workflows, which results in a great degree of efficiency in production. 

iTAC.MES.Suite for Metal Casting

The iTAC.MES.Suite satisfies sector requirements and elevates production-related processes to a new level. With iTAC’s manufacturing execution system, customers benefit from features such as complete traceability, personnel resource planning and advanced production scheduling. The solution offers state of the art flexibility in the metal and steel sector. 

Additionally, the software gives a real-time insight into manufacturing processes in the metal casting industry and machine communication across plants can be facilitated. By using the standardized iTAC.MES.Suite, companies are able to optimize machine availability and maintenance as well as required resources. 

  • Cost-optimized planning based on real-time data
  • Transparency of complex production processes
  • Administration of different variant versions and lot sizes
  • Safeguarding quality
  • Increasing efficiency due to process optimization
  • Predictive maintenance solution to reduce scrap and avoid downtime

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