Presentation of the iTAC.MES.Suite dockerized at “productronica 2017”

Needs-oriented IIoT solutions for smart factories: from MES application to MES platform

Montabaur, November 30, 2017 – iTAC Software AG is setting new standards in the MES market segment at this year’s “productronica” in Munich. iTAC.MES.Suite dockerized is an MES platform developed by iTAC that operates on various leading IoT platforms, such as AWS, MS Azure etc. for the implementation of IIoT applications. iTAC was recently the first MES platform manufacturer to receive the “Leader Industrie 4.0 Platforms Award” from ISG provider Lens.

Manufacturing enterprises are shifting their focus from monolithic MES applications to flexible MES platform-based IIoT applications that deliver added value. iTAC developed an MES platform based on Docker Container, iTAC.MES.Suite dockerized, to reflect this development. It has a REST API which allows the development of customized MES or IIoT applications for various industry segments using agile methods.

iTAC.MES.Suite dockerized is based on Docker Container and has a service-oriented architecture that allows it to be operated on leading IoT platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix etc. The open MES platform can also be used on premises or as an edge device solution

iTAC will also be presenting the new version of its iTAC.MES.Suite 9.00.00 with numerous innovative upgrades to the established basic MES functions at productronica 2017. The new release includes the new Smart Data Analytics Service which seamlessly delivers high volumes of process data as MES master and transaction data to the Apache Spark open-source cluster computing framework for batch analytics applications. The analysis results from the iTAC.SDA.Service can be viewed on the new iTAC.IIoT.Portal so that, for example, a root cause analysis can be performed for the OEE optimization of production equipment. 

The iTAC products are platform-independent applications that are being incorporated in an increasing number of digitalization initiatives and projects. For example, iTAC is part of the “ADAMOS APP Factory Allianz” and it is presenting its first predictive maintenance app based on the new iTAC.MES.Suite dockerized and the integrated iTAC.SDA.Service at productronica 2017. These and the other projects that iTAC is involved in, such as “SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V.”, underline the fact that iTAC’s MES and IIoT solutions satisfy the very highest of standards and make a significant contribution to facilitating the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector.