iTAC supports fully automated replenishment control in SMT production

MES specialist provides smart production logistics solution with AGV

Montabaur, November 12th, 2018 – MES specialist iTAC Software AG has developed a smart solution for next generation production logistics. The iTAC solution supports automatic replenishment control with driverless transport systems in SMT production. The process extends from Material Pull System (MPS) through Auto Storage (AS) to Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). Advantages include a workload reduction for factory personnel, constant material control and the elimination of buffer stock.

“Production lines and the associated IT infrastructures are becoming progressively connected. As a result, material logistics processes have to be flexible and automated. That’s why Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are increasingly being used. They autonomously move around the shop floor transporting necessary material to the production line,” explained Peter Bollinger, CEO of iTAC Software AG.

MES manufacturer iTAC supports these automated material logistics processes  – from requirements planning to provisioning of the exact required quantities to materials management.  iTAC supplies the control software with all the necessary data for the timely delivery of the material, based on job sequences, material information etc. The delivery information made available allows the AGVs to autonomously supply the required quantity of material at exactly the right time to the right place – the offline kitting area and then the SMT production line.

This automated, driverless process reduces the workload falling to personnel because the material doesn’t have to be manually transported from A to B. Also the manufacturer has control of where the material is located at all times, which prevents late deliveries. 

Precise material requirements calculations reduce the amount of material on the shop floor. As a result, wait times are shorter and production availability is optimized, which significantly improves SMT line efficiency.