iTAC Software AG acquires DUALIS GmbH IT Solution

Smart factory platform iTAC.IoT.Suite now has APS

Montabaur, December 14, 2016 – Internationally operating IoT specialist iTAC Software AG has acquired APS software manufacturer DUALIS GmbH IT Solution. The primary aim is to integrate DUALIS's GANTTPLAN APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) software in the iTAC.IoT.Suite. The acquisition will significantly improve iTAC Software AG’s strong position in the market for MES/IoT solutions for the manufacturing sector. iTAC is an independent company in the Dürr Group. The DUALIS acquisition supports Dürr’s digital@Dürr strategy.

iTAC Software AG acquired 100 percent of the shares in DUALIS GmbH IT Solution on December 2, 2016 with the DUALIS sites in Dresden and Lemgo and all the personnel there, including the management. The company will continue to operate and develop its market position as an independent entity. 

Founded in 1990, DUALIS GmbH IT Solution specializes in the development of simulation, process optimization and APS software and services for industrial users. Its portfolio includes the GANTTPLAN APS tool, ISSOP (Intelligent Software for Simulation and Optimization in Production and Logistics) and the Visual Components 3D product suite which it markets as a third party product.

iTAC Software AG and its parent company Dürr are driving forward the digitalization of industrial production processes. In the context of the digital@Dürr strategy they are developing smart solutions to meet the requirements of our increasingly digitalized and connected manufacturing sector. These include the iTAC.IoT.Suite, which is based on iTAC’s MES and Dürr’s EcoEMOS. iTAC was recently named ‘Industrie 4.0/IoT Leader Germany’ in the Experton Group’s ‘Industrie 4.0/IoT Vendor Benchmark 2017’ for the Internet of Things capability of its products.

iTAC’s IoT platform now has APS
GANTTPLAN, an APS tool used by numerous companies in the production and service sectors, ideally supplements the iTAC.IoT.Suite and, in future, it will be an elementary component of the software suite. 
Heike Wilson, CEO of DUALIS, explained: “Our APS tool is a logical addition to the iTAC.IoT.Suite. GANTTPLAN has already been successfully deployed as an add-in to existing MES and ERP systems for many years. Now we’re taking this one step further and integrating the planning core inside the ITAC IoT platform. Our APS standard will continue to be available to other partners. With iTAC and Dürr’s structures and technologies behind us we can continue to grow and move forward into the IoT age. 

DUALIS will be addressing the needs of large-scale enterprises in addition to those of SMEs in future. Peter Bollinger, CEO of iTAC Software AG, emphasized, “I believe there are vast opportunities in Germany and abroad for us to establish ourselves as a leader in the market for factory IoT solutions with the iTAC.IoT.Suite plus APS and the financial strength and experience of Dürr.”

The DUALIS APS ideally complements our strategy because, in combination with the MES, it is a core aspect of factory IoT systems. Planning processes are becoming increasingly complex as we strive for batch size 1 production, and the factories and systems will have to cope with immense volumes of data. The APS in iTAC.IoT.Suite is based on GANTTPLAN algorithms because they are extremely precise and reliable,” explained Dieter Meuser, CTO of iTAC Software AG.