iTAC: MES meets IIoT in the Automotive sector

Intelligent Manufacturing Execution System (MES) interacting with IIoT platforms proves itself in the automotive industry 4.0

Montabaur, June 27th 2018 – iTAC Software AG supplies a core element for digitalizing value creation processes with its industry 4.0 capable Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The iTAC.MES.Suite can be interlocked and integrated with other existing co-operating systems. The MES can also be used in combination with the leading IIoT platforms. The results are innovative application scenarios such as predictive maintenance and analytics models for sectors like the automotive industry, which depend on automated, transparent and efficient manufacturing processes in order to remain competitive.

Car manufacturers and suppliers are under high competitive pressure and must fulfill ever-increasing demands. High innovation speed, growing demand for diversity of individual components in vehicles and high compliance requirements from the OEMs set the pace. Full transparency, safety and efficiency as well as increasing levels of automation are vital.

The iTAC.MES.Suite contributes to networking, automation and analyses of production processes. Interacting with the IIoT platforms from leading suppliers such as ADAMOS, Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix etc. complete data analytics and predictive maintenance scenarios can be created. Using corresponding analytics models, useful information and measures for production can be gathered.

Uniting useful structured and unstructured data
The basic version of the MES includes functionalities such as production planning (APS), production management, quality management, materials and logistics, traceability, business intelligence and add-on services. The iTAC.MES.Suite supplies so-called structured data from the MES data room (order data, material data, serial numbers etc.). The MES also guarantees continual flow of information to ensure transparency and evaluation of production processes based on standardized and customer-specific KPIs. 

Combined with the IIoT platforms, which save so-called unstructured data as sensor data (e.g. vibration, temperature etc.), intelligent complete solutions can be realized. Together with the analytics function from iTAC it is possible to create individual use cases for specific requirements within the automotive industry and other sectors.

“Car manufacturers today are required to bring their new developments onto the market as quickly as possible – and in the best quality. Industry 4.0 technologies like our MES together with IIoT solutions support manufacturers to achieve their targets,” explains Peter Bollinger, CEO of iTAC Software AG.