iTAC launches Big Data Analytics for MES

Higher Manufacturing Execution System availability and lower operating costs

Montabaur, December 9, 2016 – iTAC Software AG supports companies in improving their manufacturing performance through big data analytics with the new iTAC.BigData.Service on the iTAC MES/IoT platform. The big data analytics function is integrated in the new release version 8.51.00 of the iTAC.MES.Suite. It reduces the volume and simplifies the administration of the increasingly large volumes of data that factories store in private and public clouds. This guarantees the necessary response times for bi-directional M2M communication, increases MES availability and lowers total cost of ownership, turning big data into smart data.

Increasing volumes of data have made big data analytics a key task in industry 4.0. In many cases the MES’s master and transaction data has to be made available to globally distributed locations for multi-site analyses without affecting the productive MES infrastructures in the private cloud. This is achieved by database and application-specific replication and reorganization mechanisms. They make data-intensive analyses on a data warehouse MES database instance possible, e.g. when sourcing all the necessary information for a recall campaign, without impacting the productive MES database.

The new iTAC.BigData.Service works according to this mirroring principle. In the first phase an application-specific database replication mechanism is implemented which continuously transfers the iTAC.MES.Suite’s master and transaction data to the data warehouse database instance. In this process it ensures that the productive MES infrastructure isn’t affected. 

The Big.Data.Service is geared to high-volume factories with an annual database volume in the terabytes region. 

The next iTAC.MES.Suite major release will upgrade the iTAC.BigData.Service with an application-specific delete mechanism to maintain the data volume balance in the productive MES infrastructure. This significantly reduces MES database infrastructure maintenance and increases availability. 

“The iTAC.BigData.Service keeps private cloud MES infrastructures manageable and ensures a high level of availability. All MES data is available for big data analyses with no negative impact on the productive MES infrastructure. Not only does this enhance the MES’s performance, it also enables the conversion of big data into smart data,” explained Dieter Meuser, CTO of iTAC Software AG.