Gartner recommends the iTAC.MES.Suite to carmakers

Manufacturing Execution System by iTAC is proven to be leading technology for the automotive sector

Montabaur, February 15, 2018 – iTAC Software AG’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has been named by Gartner as an industry-specific solution for the automotive sector. iTAC is one of two MES providers recommended in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems in an automotive context. This underlines iTAC.MES.Suite dockerized position as one of the leading and most innovative solutions in the sector.

iTAC.MES.Suite dockerized is an MES platform developed by iTAC that operates on various leading IoT platforms, such as AWS and MS Azure, making it suitable for the implementation of IIoT applications. It’s an open MES platform based on Docker Container with a REST API which permits the agile development of customized MES or IIoT applications for various industry segments.

iTAC.MES.Suite dockerized is based on Docker Container and has a service-oriented architecture that allows it to be operated on leading IoT platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix etc. The open MES platform can also be used on premises or as an edge device solution. 

iTAC is a technology leader with its iTAC.MES.Suite and the associated MES basic functions are now firmly established in the market. The iTAC products are platform-independent applications that are being incorporated in an increasing number of digitalization initiatives and projects.

iTAC offers highly innovative, cost-efficient, and industry-specific functions based on its many years of experience in the automotive and other sectors. The Gartner analysts took this into account when recommending the iTAC MES for the automotive sector in the Magic Quadrant.

“The automotive sector is a highly automated, discrete manufacturing industry. It predominantly uses MES functions to support the production management teams with defect identification, diagnostics, forecasts and analyses,” explained Dieter Meuser, CTO of iTAC Software AG. “Our MES software is well-proven after twenty years in the automotive industry, and it has been adapted to the new requirements of smart factories. That's why it was recommended by Gartner," he added.