Dürr robots qualify for the Korean market

Bietigheim-Bissingen, March 16th, 2015 – After receiving the safety certificate from the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) our robots may now be sold on the Korean market. It is the ATEX in Europe, the FM in America and the TIIS in Japan. Korea now follows with its Korean Certification Mark (KC)

All products that pose a risk to health, safety and environment have to be certified in order to be sold on the Korean market. It is compulsory to have installed and modified plants marked with the KC certificate.

Up until 2014 the end user was able to obtain a KC certificate for a whole plant or installation by presenting the products’ ATEX certificates to a local agency. This kind of single certification was time consuming and expensive. There were 13 different certificates available to proof the safety of a product, all with different costs and different certification times. To consolidate the 13 already existing and legally binding certificates, the state organization Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) brought the KC certificate to life.

All commonly-used robot types from Dürr were tested and successfully certified:
Painting robot EcoRP E033
Painting robot EcoRP L033
Painting robot EcoRP E133
Painting robot EcoRP L133
Handling robot EcoRP L030
Handling robot EcoRP L130

The KC certificate will increase the acceptance of Dürr robots in the Korean market.