Overspray separation with EcoDryScrubber by Dürr

Award from Peugeot for Dürr’s EcoDryScrubber

Guyancourt, 20 June 2013 – Energy savings of up to 60% in the paint booth combined with lower CO2 emissions and fewer paint particle emissions – these facts convinced the Peugeot jury. Therefore Peugeot Citroen awarded Dürr with the “Industrial Equipment Performance Award” for the EcoDryScrubber paint booth system on 19 June at a gala in Paris. The innovative system for dry separation of the paint overspray is being used at the Peugeot plant in Sochaux.

For years, Dürr has been consistently relying on environmental and sustainable solutions in mass-production painting. An important component of the resource-saving Eco+Paintshop by Dürr is the EcoDryScrubber. This system for the dry separation of the paint overspray is carried out completely without water and chemicals. This allows the paint booth to be operated with up to 95% recirculated air. The required supply air and air conditioning systems are thus smaller and heat recovery is not required. This not only leads to 60% less energy consumption but also to a reduction in the system’s cross-section by up to 35%. 

“We are delighted with the success of the EcoDryScrubber, not least because we have achieved very high market penetration in a very short time. The time is ripe for a simple system that can be used worldwide regardless of the climate and the type of paint,” says Dirk Gorges, Senior Vice President of Dürr.  

“Peugeot Sochaux takes a holistic view of the reliability of the paint booth. This is what the EcoDryScrubber stands for. It not only offers energy savings but also high availability, ease of use and maintenance, and low operating costs,” emphasizes Christophe Gruat, Paint Department Manager at Peugeot.

These facts did not only convince the Peugeot Citroen jury. Among others, the EcoDryScrubber has also won the SURCAR Innovation Award in Cannes, the PACE Award in Detroit, and the Environmental Technology Award of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. However, not only the judges at the various award ceremonies, but also most importantly the customers are convinced of the qualities of the EcoDryScrubber. 66 painting lines worldwide already use Dürr’s dry separation system or are currently being equipped with it.