SbS Technical Conference | Hangzhou, China

Understand smart manufacturing and keep up with the development.

November 01, 2019 | Hangzhou Longhu Crown Plaza Hotel

The "Smart Factory" concepts need to be back to basis. The goal of manufacturing is through improvement of productivity and flexibility to strengthen competitiveness, securing profit, and able to continuously invest in advanced technology, therefore, long-term success can be guaranteed. Through concept introduction and case study, iTAC will help you reasonably plan IT solutions to realize your smart manufacturing strategy. Everything starts from "Connecting".

Listen to an on-site presentation on the concept and realization of end-to-end connecting industries by iTAC experts. 

More information on the conference and the schedule can be found here

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Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Heda
310018 Hangzhou City, China
Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Heda
No 523 Jinsha Avenue Xiasha Street Econo
310018 Hangzhou City, Zhejiang